In 2001, I started managing my wife’s family medicine practice in Las Vegas, Nevada. I earned a Masters in Business Administration in Health Care Management in 2002. Over the next several years, I oversaw the growth of her practice to seven providers and the eventual acquisition by a multi-state, corporate practice in 2009. I consulted to other practices both large and small. I served as the Director of Risk Management for a medical malpractice risk retention group and was the Chief Operating Officer for a private equity backed medical management company.

I have recruited providers and negotiated contracts. I have arranged leases, equipment acquisitions, malpractice policies and practice mergers. I have purchased a building and built-out/remodeled medical offices. I have staffed and performed billing for physician offices. I have managed the transition of a traditional physician to an independent integrative and functional medicine practice. 

A New Approach

Through all of these experiences, I have accumulated knowledge about medical practice management, and, in particular, implementing integrative and functional medicine (I&FM). From my experience, though, the providers I have the most to offer can’t afford an independent consultant. And yet, without an independent consultant–or some help–many providers will fail to develop their practice into a sustainable operation. 

So I am trying a new approach by providing complimentary resources and adding a service for Premium Clients to access additional resources (Click Here). I routinely update the e3BFM Article Gallery with main-stream articles related to I&FM practice management. I also maintain the e3FM Article Gallery with main-stream articles about I&FM health topics for patients, (Click Here). 

I hope that e3BFM can connect I&FM providers with a risk purchasing group for medical malpractice tailored for I&FM. I hope to be a conduit for I&FM providers to find valuable practice management information they need. I hope to help I&FM move overcome the hurdles to being a successful practice. e3BFM is e3Business’ website dedicated to I&FM practice management. 


As a Chief Operating Officer, I spent almost five years working with Lt. Col (Ret.) James “Jim” W. Carmack, MS, who was the Chief Executive Officer of the medical management company. Jim and I developed a friendship that resulted in writing a book together, “The e3Business Guide: An Easy, Effective and Efficient Approach to Management.” Jim and I were both proponents of “three things” and finding approaches that were easy, effective and efficient–which explains the “e3s.” I often use a coffee cup as a symbol of Jim’s collaborative nature, as he had a policy that anyone could initiate a conversation by just leaving their coffee cup on his desk. He would take the coffee cup back to the employee and start the dialogue they needed. 

Those who worked with Jim know how much joy and energy he brought into a room. We laughed as much as we worked and spent hours talking when we weren’t working. I hope that e3BFM is able to advance his ideas about business and promote his passion for life. 

Brett W. Sparks, President
e3Business, LLC