Quarterly or Annual Access

With almost 20 years in medical practice management experience, e3BFM is offering I&FM providers a different approach by providing Premium Clients an affordable website to access resources to help them manage their practices. Why pay thousands of dollars for someone to tell you how they would run your practice when for about $100 a month, you can get the information, tools and resources to support, develop and protect your practice? 

The e3BFM Premium Content site includes “Higher Ground: Critical Information for Physicians Interested in Practicing Integrative and Functional Medicine (I&FM),” (Brett W. Sparks, MBA HCM, 2019), over 50 site pages, over 100 links, original articles and useful tools focused on strategic, operational and tactical issues that confront I&FM practices. Access is provided on by quarter or annually. The current price is $400 per quarter or $1,200 if paying annually. 

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