NOTE: I first looked at Healthcare Sharing Ministries (HCSMs) back in 2015, when I found that the HCSM Liberty Healthshare offered Liberty Direct, a HCSM that included functional medicine. This was a period of tremendous growth in HCSMs, as total estimated membership increased from less than 250,000 in 2013 to over 1,250,000 in 2018.1 This growth has increased focus on the limitations of HCSMs and some of their behavior that seems, well, insurance-like, (such as denying payment for services that seem like they should be covered). I’ve considered removing HCSM information, but I think they can still be beneficial for those who understand their strengths and limitations. Be sure to research each HCSM. Some have a more complaints than others and have been subject to sanctions in some states. Brett Sparks

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HCSM Resources

  1. The Alliance of Health Care Sharing Ministries (Click Here)
  2. Health Care Sharing Ministries