e3BFM promotes “clean marketing” to address issues prevalent in today’s marketing that undermine successful organizations. e3BFM embraces clean marketing and helps clients to do the same. Clean marketing is:

  1. Direct, honest and transparent selling.
  2. Delivery of goods and services that meets established expectations while affirming the relationship.
  3. Collection activities that are fair, consistent and sustainable.

Clean marketing applies to these marketing practices.:

  1. Cross Marketing (CLICK HERE)
  2. Networking (CLICK HERE)
  3. Content (CLICK HERE)

Clean marketing avoids the pitfalls of ineffective marketing and creates clear expectations, defined roles and mutual beneficial relationships. Ineffective marketing creates unclear expectations, ambiguous roles and strained relationships. So why does ineffective marketing persist? Because¬†ineffective marketing practices are an easy, effective and efficient way for consultants to build their business. ¬†Ineffective marketing practices don’t require the right cross marketing partners, the most productive networking or exclusive content. Consultants can offer all practices the same opportunities, blame the provider if things don’t work out and claim credit for all success.

Clean marketing is harder work. It requires direct, honest and transparent selling; delivery of goods or services that meets established expectations; and collection activities that are fair, consistent and sustainable.