e3Business provides consulting services directed by the the e3Beliefs and e3Tools developed by Jim Carmack and Brett Sparks. e3FunctionalManagement.com was created to focus specifically on health care providers and medical practices interested in functional medicine. In keeping with e3Business principles, this website is an easy, effective and efficient perspective of e3Business’ management approach to functional medicine management. e3Business also maintains www.e3FM.com to provide information to patients and providers on functional medicine topics and to promote functional medicine providers and practices.

e3Business has seen first hand:

  1. How providers may feel trapped by patient, practice and financial demands. (Read more)
  2. How providers may be overwhelmed in balancing work, family and self. (Read more)
  3. How complicated staffing, regulations and contracts can be. (Read more)
  4. How easy it is for providers to feel stuck with few clear options, no assistance and no brighter future. (Read more)