e3BFM’s Premium Client Content will include assistance for IFM providers to create a dashboard/cockpit for their critical measures.

Practice Cockpit/Dashboard

Two different types of cockpits for two different practices have been included. The first is a “four block” cockpit divided into four sections: Notes, Type of Visit Chart, Revenue Graph and Revenue Chart. The notes box lists the key points from the other parts of the cockpit. The two charts are four months from the practice’s Monthly Summary spreadsheet, while the revenue graph shows the past 10 months of revenue from the Monthly Summary spreadsheet.

The second cockpit utilizes six blocks of graphs: Visits, Patients-per-day, Revenue and Revenue/Expenses line graphs and two Payment Methods bar graphs, (one from July and on from the following January). The notes are on the bottom of the cockpit.

Both cockpits are reliant on the underlying data for discussion, but they present a “snapshot” that summarizes the practice performance. In some instances, a cockpit is preferable to the spreadsheet(s) with the underlying data. Seeing the data in a graphic form such as a line graph, bar graph or pie chart may also be helpful.