While e3Business has performed a wide-range of services for clients, e3Business’ strength is assisting clients in sound decision making through all facets of their business. At the heart of e3Business’ decision making process is the dialogue between e3Business and the client. Too often, small businesses lack the ability to fully explore ideas, while large businesses struggle to align objectives throughout their organization.

e3Business provides a sounding board to explore functional medicine practice management ideas utilizing e3Business’ practice management experience, tools and knowledge. e3Business has consulted to single provider practices and large group practices on a spectrum of services from risk management to CAM service integration. e3Business doesn’t represent to know all of the answers. e3Business’ objective is to assist clients in making the best decisions.

e3Business’ decision making process utilizes the e3Tools to provide an easy, effective and efficient solution to gain a better understanding of topics, explore available options based on identified criteria and, perhaps most importantly, empower each member of an organization to make sound decisions appropriate for their position.