e3Business was founded by Brett Sparks to provide consulting services on a variety of health care related topics, including risk management, medical malpractice, accountable care organizations, wellness centers and hybrid practice models. For the scope of services e3Business’ principal has helped clients address, CLICK HERE. 

In 2013, e3Business began developing the e3Tools to support all types of businesses. The e3Tools were completed in 2016 and produced in, “e3Tools: A Guide to Easy, Effective and Efficient Management,” by Jim Carmack and Brett Sparks. For more information about the e3Tools approach, CLICK HERE.

e3Business created e3BFM.com specifically for medical providers interested in implementing functional medicine. e3Business’ practice advocacy services focus on supporting practices by employing a practice ownership perspective to review operations, vendor relations and potential business opportunities. Protecting the professional licensing of clients is a priority for e3Business.