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HCSM Resources

  1. The Alliance of Health Care Sharing Ministries (Click Here)
  2. Health Care Sharing Ministries

HCSM Presentations

The three presentations below provide an overview of HCSMs, identify factors involved in choosing between HCSMs and insurance coverage, and explain how HCSMs might work with primary care providers.

Clicking on each presentation link will open a new window at  Click the “Play” triangle in the lower left hand corner of the screen to view. Each presentation is narrated and automatically advances slides, but the presentation can be paused and navigated to review slides.

  1. Prezi “Understanding Health Care Sharing Ministries” (3 1/2 minutes) (Click Here)
  2. Prezi “Choosing Between an HCMS and Insurance” (12 minutes) (Click Here)
  3. Prezi “HCMS and Primary Care” (7 minutes) NOTE: This presentation is based in part on Liberty HealthShare’s Liberty Direct program that has been discontinued.  (Click Here)