You’re busy helping patients.

Who’s busy helping your practice?

Most independent providers know that large corporate practices can suffer from too much management, however, independent practices often struggle with the opposite problem of having time too little time to evaluate and assess their practice’s business performance. 

e3BFM’s Practice Management Audit (PMA) is a quick, cost-effective approach to helping providers understand the opportunities and pitfalls facing their practices. For $950, the PMA includes:

  • An evaluation and practice process review for the practice to complete.
  • A first follow up discussion of up to one hour.
  • A report assessing the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) identified.
  • A second follow up discussion of up to one hour.
  • 30-day access to e3BFM’s Premium Content website.  

While providers are busy seeing patients, they may miss changes to their business operations that negatively affect the bottom line or even compromise the continued operation of the practice. The PMA helps to focus the provider on these areas of concerns. 

The Practice Management Audit is another effort by e3BFM to offering providers affordable, effective solutions to their practice management. Other practice solutions include access to the e3BFM Premium Content site with an “Ask a Question” feature and monthly practice consulting services. To purchase any of these offerings, Click Here.