e3BFM’s Premium Client Content will include assistance for IFM providers to complete the Practice Questionnaire and dialogue about the results.

Practitioner Questions

  1. What are your resources (capital, people, space, tools, etc.)?
  2. What are your revenue streams? What revenue do they generate each month?
  3. How many providers do you have? Have many providers has the practice had in the past?
  4. How many patients does each provider see a day?
  5. What different types of visits or treatments does each provider perform?
  6. Do you accept insurance? If so, who are your major payors? Who are your worst payors?
  7. What is your payment per patient? Per procedure? Per ancillary service?
  8. What does your revenue cycle look like?
  9. What reports do you run daily? Weekly? Monthly?
  10. What are your major expenses? Does your practice have a monthly budget?
  11. What providers do you work with in the medical community? What contacts do you have in the community at large?
  12. What services would you like to offer?
  13. How would your practice invest a cash windfall?
  14. What would you do differently if you started practice again?
  15. Would you sell your practice?
  16. Would you accept a partner?
  17. What is your marketing plan and what does it cost?
  18. What successes have you had in developing your practice?
  19. What setbacks have you had in developing your practice?
  20. What does your dream practice look like?