e3BFM’s Premium Client Content includes an “Ask a Question” section, more practice tips, more practice tools and more information on the Integrative and Functional Medicine market. For more information (Click Here).

General I&FM Information

    1. “The Elephant and I&FM: A Parable” (Click Here)
    2. IFM Physician Research, (Click Here)
    3. Functional Medicine Practice Challenges (Click Here)
    4. Functional Medicine Practice Tips (Click Here)
    5. e3BFM Clean Marketing (Click Here).
    6. “Functional Medicine Data Fallacies,” Brett Sparks, August 16, 2016 (Click Here)
    7. “Making Money with Functional Medicine,” Brett Sparks, August 9, 2016 (Click Here)
    8. “Launching a Functional Medicine Practice: Our Journey,” Brett Sparks, July 18, 2016 (Click Here)

Malpractice Information for I&FM

    1. Malpractice Information (Click Here)
    2. Malpractice Q&A (Click Here)
    3. Medical Malpractice Articles (Click Here)

Specialty Lab Information

    1. Specialty Lab Overview (Click Here)
    2. Common Elements of an ABN (Click Here)
    3. Specialty Lab Billing Information (Click Here)
    4. Specialty Lab Regulatory Issues (Click Here)
    5. Specialty Lab Specimen Collection Payment Settlement Offers (Click Here)

Practice Tools

    1. Monthly Productivity Tracking Sheet. A spreadsheet for tracking revenue is pretty common place, but it took several revisions to achieve a tracking sheet that accurately projects revenue and evaluates the performance of each revenue stream. (Click Here)
    2. Cockpit/Dashboard. Measurements matter, so focus on the key measures with graphic cockpits. (Click Here)
    3. Medical Practice Systems Overview. e3BFM believes in taking a systems approach to organizations. Here is one systems outline for a medical practice. (Click Here)

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