Things are complicated…really complicated. With all the time you don’t have for anything other than the practice of medicine, it is amazing what else needs to be done. Staff, vendors, contracts, compliance, marketing, performance measurements, malpractice insurance and a host of other issues other than the practice of medicine keep providers up at night.

Do you have the appropriate workers comp coverage, general liability and professional liability insurance? Are your contracts with vendors, payers and lenders current, fair and accurate? Are the services you are providing the most efficient (and profitable) services? Should you keep your current office location and renegotiate the terms or look to rent or even buy at another location?

Rarely does anyone ever tell you that their services aren’t effective, that you are overpaying, that they are underpaying or that you should change vendors. All of the parties a provider deals with outside of the practice of medicine are focusing on their primary objective, but for providers, these issues are tertiary. Shouldn’t providers get another perspective from another party that shares the provider’s objectives?

e3BFM’s resources can help simplify and improve the providers business relationships. 

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