You are overwhelmed…but you really don’t have time even to know how overwhelmed you are. Practicing medicine has intruded upon your nights and weekends–and you still have so much that needs to be done. The demands of a provider seem to be never-ending. Even when you leave work, you can’t leave work behind. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Unrelenting provider demands leave little for family and friends. Plans are rearranged, activities are missed and it is tempting to just abandon trying to balance personal relationships with work. Technology has made providers even more accessible to patients outside of the office. You are just a text, Tweet or email away!

And speaking of you, when was the last time you had time for you? Hobbies, exercise, travel, cooking, reading for pleasure, etc. may all be on a back burner that never gets turned on. As care-givers, providers can have a difficult time setting time aside for themselves; they seem to prioritize the wants of needs of others first. Who wouldn’t be overwhelmed?

e3BFM’s resources can help providers prioritize and manage their time to find relief. 

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