You feel trapped…and it is easy to understand why. Patients depend upon providers to be care givers. Providers go to work every day to help people–and patients want to be helped. Patients want the providers time, knowledge and attention. And this is understandable.

It is a challenge, though, to help patients with the ever-growing financial demands of practicing medicine. Reimbursement for independent practices has been stagnate, yet insurance companies and payors place more and more demands on practices to get paid. Providers often spend a tremendous amount of uncompensated time refilling prescriptions, returning patient phone calls, coordinating care, etc., all of which adds to the financial pressure of practicing medicine.

With the patient and financial demands, it is hard for providers to get a break. Vacations are postponed so that patients can be seen and the practice revenue can be consistent. Nights and weekends are spent on the loose ends that don’t get addressed during the work days. It’s not uncommon for providers in this position to feel that they are trapped.

Use e3BFM’s resources to address patient, financial and practice demands to find freedom. 

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