You’re in a rut…but at least you have job security! The increasing consolidation of medicine by insurers, hospitals and other corporate entities has left independent providers with few clear options. It is difficult to compete with the corporate checkbook. Negotiations for higher reimbursement are pointless. Exiting practice seems like it should be an option, but with so few providers wanting to be independent, employers don’t often feel like compensating providers for their practices.

You certainly shouldn’t expect any help from the corporate players. Why would hospitals, for example, support private practices when they can watch them fail and then just employ the providers? Small practices don’t matter to insurance companies or payers, either. Nobody seems to care about the quality of medicine provided. They only care if their is something “in it” for them.

With a demanding profession pushing the limits of balance work, relationships and self and no clear path forward or assistance to change, the future may look like a lot more of the same. (That’s called “a rut.”) If you aren’t practicing the medicine that brought you to the medical profession, shouldn’t you be making changes? Shouldn’t you be looking for a practice situation that flames rather than douses your passion?

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